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The Science of Psychotherapy

Resources for therapists who want to be on the leading edge of psychotherapy today.


Online course with Matthew Dahlitz exploring mental, emotional and practical aspects of business and life. Designed with the business owner in mind.

Perfekt Films

Brand awareness and marketing with neuroscience savvy and cinematic impact.

Matthew Dahlitz

is both university trained and an autodidact whose knowledge spans across the arts, technology, psychology, neuroscience, emergency medicine, and business.

Eclectic career experiences:

  • Studied psychology at the University of Queensland and gained a Master of Counselling postgraduate degree – now a specialist in neuropsychotherapy and the Editor-in-Chief of a magazine called The Neuropsychotherapist, teaches post-graduate courses in neuropsychotherapy, and is author of the book The Psychotherapists’s Essential Guide to the Brain.
  • Studied music at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music in both music technology and master of composition – having scored for film and produced a number of albums of original music he has also been a producer in a film production company.
  • Completed paramedic studies with the Queensland Ambulance service to become an Advanced Care Paramedic.
  • Managed commercial property and property development projects in the tens of millions of dollars.
  • Is the Editor-in-Chief of the technology magazine Age of Robots, covering the technology and the social and psychological impacts of this second machine age.
  • He runs a media and publishing company with an emphasis on cutting edge science and technology.

Matthew is available for individual coaching (in-person and online), group workshops, presentations and consulting.

Please email me at matt(@) (you’ll need to take the brackets out of the address), or use the contact form below.

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