Destiny Crash Course: The Next 5 Years

This 6 week course will set you up with a plan for the next 5 years. Light on theory, big on practical exercises, discussion and tools to ensure you are on the right path with the right goals.

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This 6 week course will meet for 1 hour a week in a workshop setting. You will walk away with:
  1. A Purpose Statement: Clarity about who you are and what motivates you.
  2. A Values Statement: A concise description of the core values that drive you and inspire you.
  3. A Threads Analysis: The experiences in your life that make you come alive and what the convergence of your talents looks like.
  4. Boundary Clarification: Knowing when to say “no” to the trivial and “yes” to the essential for you to reach your goals.
  5. A Vision Statement: What you want your life to look like in 5 years time.
  6. A Plan: Breaking it all down into the discrete stepping stones you need to reach your 5 year vision.


Where is this course?

Kingdom Life Centre, 3922 Mt Lindesay Highway,  Park Ridge Q 4125

When is this course?

Sunday nights at 6:30pm for 1 hour starting on January 28 and running for 6 weeks.


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