Entrepreneurial Growth: Unlocking Your Maximum Potential

Tuesday, January 30 at 6 PM – 8 PM

Logan Startup Hub 1/6 Booran Drive, Underwood QLD 4119

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Free presentation at the Logan Startup Hub!

Have you experienced roadblocks or plateaus in the growth of your business or entrepreneurial venture?

Getting to your next level can be hindered by difficulties in relationships, creativity, technology, and your own personal challenges.

An objective, interdisciplinary perspective can be the elusive key to unlocking more potential for you and your business.

Matthew brings together all of these areas in a unique synergy to pinpoint and find solutions.

“There are powerful unconscious forces at work in each of us that can hold us back from growth or keep us at a plateau. These unconscious forces make up what I call our operating system. Once we make these unconscious forces conscious then change is possible and new growth can occur. I will walk you through the 5 key components of our brain’s operating system – How these components have been programmed and how we can tweak them for maximum potential”.