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Being an Amazon affiliate is a great way to create some passive income from your active website. You can advertise books and items that are closely related to the subject matter of your content and people who click through to Amazon via those advertisements are tracked with your unique code – if they make a purchase, you are credited with a commission.

But first, how to get set up as an Amazon affiliate? You need to sign up for the Amazon Associates Program. Let me show you…


Go to the Amazon Associates program website and click on the “Join Now for Free” button. If you already have an account then click the “Login” button on the upper right corner instead.

Now you will follow the steps to create your account:

  • Location and identity information is put int the “Account Information” section,
  • The websites and platforms where you will be posting your affiliate links are entered into the “Website and Mobile App List”. Please read the guidelines carefully before moving forward.
  • The Tracking Code which is the all important string of letters and numbers along with your affiliate ID that tracks clicks coming from your sites, will be created under “Profile.” Topics that your website covers and products you are likely to showcase on your site are detailed next.
  • You will need to enter your contact number on the Identity Verification step for security purposes.
  • Your Amazon Associates tracking ID will be provided in the final step along with the chance to input your tax information since it will required by the IRS for you to report all revenues. If you are operating outside of the US then Amazon will require you to have an IRS issued tax number (this depends on the country you are operating from and the tax arrangements between your country and the USA). You can always supply this information later if you wish.

Once your account is set up you will need to generate revenue within a period of one hundred and eighty (180) days from at least three (3) product links that Amazon. Failure to do so will give Amazon the right to close your account. Otherwise, once the first sale is complete Amazon will review you account and your usage of the affiliate links.

Familiarize Yourself with Amazon Associates

You will now be taken to Amazon Associates Central once the set up process is finished. All matters concerning you affiliate marketing activities will be managed from here.

Without being too complicated, the dashboard offers a comprehensive feel and you can even search products to link to just inside the home page.

Below you can see a snap shot of your revenue for over previous months.

Make sure to get acquainted with the navigation at the top of the page because everything you’ll need to manage and create affiliate links can be found there. Here are some of the features you’ll find useful:

Product Linking > Product Links:
You can create affiliate links and search products here.

Product Linking > Banners:
Amazon-specific banner ads which you can include on your site can be created here. Select among Amazon gift cards, high-performing categories, or your own category of choice.

Product Linking > Native Shopping Ads:
If you wish to earn revenue from writing reviews for other products, you can add a Native Shopping Ad at the end of your content. It’s a banner that promotes other Amazon products similar to how related posts links work.

Product Linking > Mobile Popover:
It promotes the first affiliate link that appears on the page using a small ad image that pops up below the screen.The Mobile popover is a way of distributing Amazon links to mobile users without being too overwhelming. They increase conversion rates by up to 30{a117de66fd2da17f5b8723c5b6a1126f8826b6c28fe58d86c6266b5830ab180b}. as per Amazon.

Promotions > Featured Promotions:
The hottest deals currently happening on Amazon can be found here if you want to capitalize on their popularity.

Promotions > Amazon Bounty Program:
If you wish to promote Amazon services to your guests, you can learn more here.

Tools > Site Stripe:
A new tool which allows you to create affiliate links from any product page without the need return to the Amazon Associates Central using a toolbar at the top of the Amazon website. This feature is available for Associate members.

Tools > Publisher Studio:
You can conveniently create affiliate links for your content right inside the WordPress text editor using this tool. It can be added as a Chrome extension or JavaScript code.

Tools > Link Checker:
This validates the efficiency of your affiliate links in case you are worried about not receiving referral payouts from them.

Tools > Product Advertising API:
You can use this API if you wish to perform more custom searches for products and feature more details on your WordPress site about them.

Tools > OneLink:
This allows you to receive referral payouts from outside your country by generating an international affiliate account that can be linked to your main one using the “Link Your Accounts” tab. This is useful if you have audiences from different parts of the world.

Affiliate link traffic and information on earned revenue can be accessed here.

Include Amazon Affiliate Links to WordPress

When you are writing a product review and searching for a specific brand but wish to know what Amazon might suggest, you can search for available products using the Product Linking tab found in the navigation or in the center of your dashboard’s homepage.

The search box is where you enter a query:

Amazon will then return a list of matches. The list will grow smaller as you become more specific about your query:

There are two options for getting the affiliate link of the product you wish to link to.

If you only want to create a text link on your website, click the arrow drop down to get the code of the affiliate link (remember this step if you wish to create affiliate links for your eCommerce store)


If you wish to have more options on embedding the affiliate link to your WordPress, click the “Get Link” button.


Options on customizing how your affiliate links are displayed include:

  • Link destination
  • Hyperlink text for text-only link
  • Size of the image
  • Colors used within the image link
  • Whether the link opens in the same or new browser
  • Text, image, or text and image link formats

After customizing each of these attributes, you can copy the HTML code at the bottom of the page:

Access the post, sidebar widget or page to which you want to add the Amazon affiliate link and embed the code within the text editor. It will look something like this:

Notice that for this product there are two different types of affiliate link: (1) a text-only and (2) a text-and-image link. Once the changes are saved they will appear on the website like this:

Once the visitors click on that link and start shopping, you’ll start making money!

Include a Disclaimer to Your Site

Once your first Amazon affiliate link is embedded and published, the Amazon disclaimer statement must be added to your site as per the  Amazon Associates policy No.5

Here it is:

5. Identifying Yourself as an Associate

You must clearly state the following on your Site or any other location where Amazon may authorize your display or other use of Content: “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.” Except for this disclosure, you will not make any public communication with respect to this Agreement or your participation in the Associates Program. You will not misrepresent or embellish our relationship with you (including by expressing or implying that we support, sponsor, or endorse you), or express or imply any affiliation between us and you or any other person or entity except as expressly permitted by this Agreement.


Be sure to create a secure website for your visitors. Even if you don’t handle the direct e-commerce transactions, it is still your job to provide a safe shopping experience between your site and Amazon for your visitors.