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What is Book Depository Affiliate Program

It’s a way to monetize books that are sold by The Book Depository by putting links to their books on your website or social media platforms.  When someone makes a book purchase using that referred link then you automatically earn commissions for each validated sale. Typically what we do is find a book that matches the content on a blog, grab the cover image of that book from The Book Depository, add a hyperlink to that image that includes our unique tracking code. When someone clicks through to the store to buy the book we get a small commission.

Why join The Book Depository?

* Free to join – it won’t cost you a thing!
* 5{a117de66fd2da17f5b8723c5b6a1126f8826b6c28fe58d86c6266b5830ab180b} commission on all orders, including pre-orders
* Monthly payments on approved sales
* Good for global traffic because they delivered books word wide.
* Easy payment transfer via Paypal

How to get started?

Step-1: Go To book depository affiliate panel, Click on the Join Us button
Step-2: Fill out the form
Step-3: Receive your password, Log in and away you go
Step-4: In left bar goto promotion tab, and you’ll see lot’s of stuff to promote book depository books by banner ads, links ads etc.
Step-5: If you are developer you can also create api for book depository products,and promote on your websites or blogs.