Mind-Brain-Gene Mastermind

with special guest John Arden

Tuesday 6 March 2018, 12:00pm-2pm (GMT-07:00)

Mountain Time (US & Canada)

The focus for this mastermind group:

John Arden has synthesized the substantial literature on psychoneuroimmunology and epigenetics, combining it with the neuroscience of emotional, interpersonal, cognitive, dynamics, with psychotherapeutic approaches and offers us an integrated vision of psychotherapy.  We will be talking about how this integrative model promotes a sea change in how we conceptualize mental health problems and their solutions.  John will help us understand how the immune system, diet, brain structure, and even gut bacteria effect mental health.  Psychotherapists in the 21st Century will by necessity become more like healthcare workers to address and resolve adverse mind-body-brain interactions and John is helping us transition into that role.

This mastermind session will help you

1) Understand the relationship between health and mental health;

2) Learn about the interaction between the immune system, genes, brain dynamics, and mental health; and

3) Understand the pandemic facing the US with obesity and autoimmune disorders


This mastermind session will give us 2 hours to explore these topics with John. When you register you will be asked for a question that you would like to propose to John and the pannel in line with these topics.


The Neuropsychotherapist Zoom Room (Access details will be given to attendees prior to the meeting)