If you are working as a professional in the mental health industry then I have started to produce reading courses based on my latest book and content from The Neuropsychotherapist that may interest you.

These self-study courses provide a multidisciplinary perspective on mental health with applications for clinical practice. Content from The Neuropsychotherapist has been broken down into digestible units, with true/false and multiple-choice questions throughout each course giving learners the opportunity to test their understanding.

Most of these reading courses are 1 clock hour of CE or PD for many professionals in mental health but continuing education requirements vary across countries, states, and organizations, so you will need to check with your organization to determine the eligibility of courses for CE/PD credit.

I’m excited to be offering these courses as it is a good way to reinforce your learning, especially if you are a subscriber to The Neuropsychotherapist (in which case the reading courses for each issue are free).