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I’m proud to announce the release of the second book in our “Essential Guide to the Brain” series: The Teacher’s Essential Guide to the Brain by Karen Ferry and myself.

Here’s a bit of what Karen had to say in the preface:
By applying neuroscience and the principles of neuropsychotherapy to education, this book answers many of the questions that teachers ponder at one time or another during their career. Questions such as: Why do some students ease into school life and spontaneously build friendships the moment they walk through the school gates, while others are timid and anxious, preferring to slink off somewhere and withdraw? Why do some students retaliate and routinely become angry and aggressive when challenged, while others accept responsibility and move on to the next task? Why do some students always seem to get bullied, while others move through the school system encircled by friends, sleepovers and birthday parties? Why is it that some kids seem to always be in trouble and have a “permanent spot” in the time-out area, while others seem to have a natural tendency to study, apply themselves, cooperate and learn? Why did a particular behaviour management strategy work with one child but not with another one? Teachers usually known what works! They have seen children who are keen and excited, enthusiastic and exuberant about coming to school—and not just because they are going on school camp! Teachers have also been keenly aware and sometimes embarrassed about what did not work so well, but may not really known why. This book will provide teachers, and anyone involved in the field of education, with insights into the minds of student to become a more effective teachers, or administrators.

This is going to be a great resource for teachers who want to know what’s happening “under the hood” when it comes to their student’s behaviour. Karen is a seasoned teacher and a neuropsychotherapist – the perfect combination to really understand students from a brain-based perspective.